The Palmanova's Historical Reenactment

Holy Redeemer Festivity


Held every year, on the second Sunday of July.
This date commemorates two of the city's most important historical events: the celebrations of Palmanova's patron Saint, the Redentore, and the recurrence of the 1602 event when the Provveditore Generale Gerolamo Cappello raised, for the first time, the Venetian Republic's flat in the centre of Piazza Grande in front of the most important civil and religious authorities.

For this event a lot of peaple dress up in costumes of the period, armour and helmets in order to evoke the historical atmosphere of four centuries ago.

Aristocrats and dames, common people and horsemen parade and show off their abilities, partaking in court and folk dances, acts of bravado or duels. These festivities draw to a close when night falls over the city and Saint Mark's banner is lowered.

Reenactment "A.D. 1615 Palma to Arms "

The first weekend of Semptember will take place the second edition of "A.D. 1615. Palma alle armi".The fortress will be under siege by the imposing Habsburg army, which, in addition to the Ottoman Empire, constantly threatened the Serenissima borders.

Photos on the Historical Reenactment of Palmanova courtesy of Sergio Ioan

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